5 Things That Will Make You Want To Sell Tickets Online
In the past, tickets had to be printed for them to be useful. However, with time, technology has come to prove that there is no better way than to sell tickets online. You should know that we live in an era where everyone has a smartphone, and they use them to do almost everything. That means it will be easier for you to sell tickets through these devices rather than print and station in different parts of town. If you are an aspiring event planner then here is why you should always sell you tickets online;

You will not need to involve many people

The problem with selling printed tickets is that you will have to find a way of getting people into helping you sell. Even if you can sell them through various stores, you should know that you have already expanded your team and the risks can be so many.
First of all, you risk losing money because some of the people that will be selling for you can decide to get lost with your money. Also, if you take your tickets to be sold through a store or someone who has a bad reputation, you will also lose money. Remember that you can never know the kind of person you are entrusting your tickets to making it hard to find the perfect sales team.
If you opt to sell tickets online, all you will need is a phone or computer to monitor the process. That way, you can work without worrying if you will get all your money back. Also, you will not need any team, and the best part is that all your ticket sales money will be ending up in the same place.

You will have an easy time selling and marketing

If you want to sell online tickets, then you should know that the customers you need to look for are daily internet users. That means you need to market to them. Remember that even your marketing is online; hence, with your phone or computer, you can correctly market and sell tickets to your event.
In the past, it took so much effort, time and money to get an event together. Since marketing was more of physical, event planners had to invest so much money that they had no guarantee of getting back. Marketing a game is not easy especially if your marketing is targeting the general public.
Online marketing, on the other hand, allows you to market your event to a target audience. Social media platforms like Facebook will enable you to identify the people you want to target with your add according to their age. That way, your advert will only appear to the people you chose.
You should also be aware that by selling tickets through your website, you will have all the opportunity and room to market your event. In most cases, all the information cannot fit a single ticket but online; you have so much space. Also, event planners with several events find it easy to sell tickets online. That is because it allows them to properly advertise and describe their different events without confusing the customers.

Your money will be more secure

When selling tickets online, all the money will go to the same account automatically. Compared to printed tickets that had to be distributed among sellers, online ticketing will keep your money safe. Remember that some people are stubborn and would want to get tickets through trading with something else if they will want a discount. The impacts of this are that you will not be able to reach the target you had set even if you only give out a single ticket.
With online tickets, there is no other way of getting tickets unless you pay. That way, there will be no discounts or any different kinds of favors to replace your money. Online ticketing should work best for you if you have those kinds of people around you who will want free tickets. Read more Selling tickets

You will be playing on another level

Event planning is a popular profession that is also very competitive. That is why event planning agencies and professionals are devising ways of staying number one. Online ticket sales services are something that any serious organization would like because they all know the accuracy and reliability that comes with the technology.
If you were to print tickets to an event today, you would be considered an amateur because nobody wants to travel all that distance to buy a ticket. So if you’re going to pitch to a new company to let you plan their event, online ticketing should be on top of the list of some of the ticketing methods that you offer.

You will always be available to sell

Online ticketing removes any restrictions that will make you not to sell tickets because of time. Realize that you can only sell printed tickets until the sun sets and people retire to their homes. When you are selling online, on the other hand, you will be selling your tickets to customers even after they have withdrawn into their houses.
That way, your ticket store will always be open for business. You will, however, have to ensure that the systems are up and running so that customers don’t get stuck or quit before completing their orders.


We live in a time when everything has been simplified thanks to technology. No longer do you need to struggle with your event when there are easy working solutions that can help you sell out your event tickets. However, you need to ensure that you have the right company selling your tickets if you are not doing it through your website. Consider their traffic and some of their previous works.
That is because some malicious people will pretend to be online ticketing companies or professionals while in the real sense, they are after your money. Also, you will want to avoid online ticketing services that are very cheap. That is because most of them don’t offer the quality services that you would prefer.

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